SPY Fresh Friday

Come session some brand new features at App Terrain Park with your friends at SPY Optics!

  Dec 20, 2013

SFTC Rail Jam Gallery 2

Check some dope shots from the Rail Jam last Saturday! Photos by Luke Sutton.

  Jan 9, 2013

ThingamaJIB Edit!

Its here boys & girls… Check all the insanity thrown down for the Red Bull ThingamaJIB!

  Feb 13, 2012

Red Bull ThingamaJIB Update

ATP is preparing for one of the most unique, fun, creative, and elaborate park setups in our history for the Red Bull ThingamaJIB, coming up this Saturday, January 28!

  Jan 23, 2012

Fresh Friday 2 Edit

Dope Fresh Friday 2 / K2 Pop This! Edit Courtesy of Dominic Sansotta / Southeast Snow

  Jan 14, 2012

Park Update

ATP is in snowmaking mode at the moment, to build up a substantial base to push the area’s best features is no easy task.

  Jan 13, 2012

Fresh Friday Recap

Another awesome Fresh Friday is in the books for this most interesting 11-12 season.

  Jan 8, 2012

January Park Session Gallery

With such beautiful weather we took the opportunity to get some shots of kids cruisin’ the parks. Photos by MacKenzie Johnson.

  Jan 7, 2012

Parks Update

The New Year has brought ATP some real snowmaking temperatures finally, and we are taking full advantage!

  Jan 2, 2012

2 Parks Open

App Terrain Park is stoked to have both Appaljack and Appal Jam Terrain Parks open and stacked with over a dozen features, including the first tabletop of the season with 2 mellow takeoffs for all abilities.

  Dec 30, 2011

12-13 Park Update

App Terrain Park is now operating with 2 Parks open, Appaljack & Appal Jam. Both parks were rebuilt overnight last night

  Dec 13, 2011

Rome Pre-Jib Edit

Check all the action that went down at our Opening Day Rome Pre-Jib.

  Dec 12, 2011

Rome Pre-Jib 2011 Gallery

Select images from ATP’s Opening Day Rome-Pre Jib Event. Photos by Luke Sutton.

  Dec 11, 2011

Weekend Event Updates

App Terrain Park couldn’t be happier to open up for riding tomorrow, Saturday, December 10. The crew has been at work today

  Dec 9, 2011

Fresh Friday 4 Edit

The Scion Snow Tour stopped back by for the 4th and final Fresh Friday of the season!

  Mar 10, 2011

Fresh Friday 4 Recap

ATP’s signature Fresh Friday series wrapped up last Friday, March 4.

  Mar 6, 2011

Fresh Friday #4 Photos

Scion Snow Tour along with Signal Snowboards stopped by yet again for another sick setup for our 4th and last Fresh Friday of the 2010-2011 Season.

  Mar 5, 2011

Park Gallery 2-15-11

A few images of Andrew Sanchez and Kris Jones making some laps in both Jam and Jack!

  Feb 16, 2011

Fresh Friday #3 Photos

Select images of ATP’s 3rd Fresh Friday – part of the Scion Snow Tour.

  Feb 14, 2011

Fresh Friday 3 Edit

Check out all the action from ATP’s 3rd Fresh Friday, with support from the Scion Snow Tour and Dragon Optics.

  Feb 13, 2011

Fresh Friday 3 Recap

Last night saw one of the most innovate, progressive, and most importantly fun Fresh Fridays to date at ATP.

  Feb 13, 2011

Fresh Friday 3 Information

In addition to partnering with the Scion Snow Tour for our 3rd Fresh Friday – Dragon will also be on-hand during the event, chilling, demo-ing the newest gear for everyone, cooking up some good food on the grill, and hooking riders up with some giveaways throughout the night!

  Feb 8, 2011

Feb.7 Park Update

With forecasted sustained cold temperatures this week, ATP will be de-building the Appaljack Terrain Park and this park will be closed for snowmaking on Tuesday, February 8.

  Feb 7, 2011

Fresh Friday 2 Recap

ATP’s second Fresh Friday of the 2010-11 season showcased one of the most unique and fun park setups ever in Appaljack.

  Jan 30, 2011

Big Table Session

Photos highlighting the large tabletop in the Appaljack park from 2007.

  Feb 11, 2007