SFTC Rail Jam

ATP’s second event of its signature Shred for the Cup series is coming at you under the lights this Saturday Night, Feb. 11! Presented by Recess Ride Shop, Volcom & Electric Visual, this will be the first night rail jam event ATP has hosted, and promises to provide an exciting rail/box setup for riders and spectators alike!

The Rail Jam setup is coming together very well, and will highlight a wide variety of flat & kinked rails & boxes, stairsets, lift towers, and more for all ability levels in the Appaljack Terrain Park. Snowmaking will be ongoing at ASM for the next several nights, meaning conditions for Saturday night are looking prime!

Divisions are available for both Skiers & Snowboarders in Beginner, Intermediate, Women, and Advanced categories. Tons of great prizes are up for grabs, along with points which are awarded at each SFTC event and tallied to determine overall series winners. Spectators are encouraged to come out and support the riders, ASM will be issuing free spectator tickets @ the registration booth and Main Office for anyone who wants to stop by and watch the action go down first hand!

The SFTC Rail Jam will offer a somewhat different format from a normal ‘everybody drop all the time’ rail jam. In order to provide riders with the fairest format & most accurate judging, riders will drop one at a time in each respective category. This way everything will be witnessed and scored as accurately as possible, and no riders run the risk of getting cut off mid-run. Beginner, Intermediate, and Women riders will have 2 drops on the setup, and Advanced will have 3 drops. All categories will be judged on the overall run from top to bottom with style, difficulty of tricks, landing, and overall impression contributing to the final score. The single best run will be counted as the final score.

Registration for the SFTC Rail Jam will be held from 4pm – 6pm in the Snowcloud room on the 3rd level of the lodge, and the event will begin at 7pm.

Riders can also save $$ by pre-registering for the event. Download the registration form HERE, and drop by the main office before Saturday to save.
Early Registration: $20
Day –of-Event Registration: $25

Price includes entry into Rail Jam, SFTC series T-Shirt, & slopeside hot dogs & Red Bull at the event!

The Shred for the Cup series is for everyone, no matter your ability level. Skiers and Snowboarders are judged separately, and the categories for both include:

-No Sandbagging
-Can hit smaller flat rails and boxes
-Can hit small table tops
 -No Sandbagging
 -Comfortable doing variety of tricks on smaller rails and boxes
-Can hit some kinked/curved rails and boxes
-Can hit smaller and medium sized tabletops
 -Can do a variety of grabs or small rotations (180’s, 360’s)
 -Comfortable doing variety of tricks on all rails and boxes
 -Comfortable spinning and grabbing on all size jumps (180’s, 360’s, 540’s, 720’s, etc…)
If in questioning your ability placement you find yourself in the middle of 2 categories, ATP encourages you to compete in the higher category and try to push yourself to a new level.

The Shred for the Cup series also offers Ski and Snowboard categories for Women who want to get out and ride.
The Cup:
In addition to each individual event winners, points will be tallied throughout the events to decide the entire series winners in each category. The series winners in each division will receive the coveted “Cup”, not to mention bragging rights for the next season!