SFTC Slopestyle Finals

Shred for the Cup is back and better than ever for its 6th season! The SFTC series is the region’s premiere competition and features three unique events (Big Air, Rail Jam, and Slopestyle) throughout the winter season. As always, Shred for the Cup is open to both Skiers and Snowboarders of all age and ability. Tons of prizes are up for grabs, as well as points for the entire series winners.
All event participants will receive lunch and Shred for the Cup series T-Shirts.

The Shred for the Cup series is for everyone, no matter your ability level. Skiers and Snowboarders are judged separately, and the categories for both include:

-No Sandbagging
-Can hit smaller flat rails and boxes
-Can hit small table tops
 -No Sandbagging
 -Comfortable doing variety of tricks on smaller rails and boxes
-Can hit some kinked/curved rails and boxes
-Can hit smaller and medium sized tabletops
 -Can do a variety of grabs or small rotations (180’s, 360’s)
 -Comfortable doing variety of tricks on all rails and boxes
 -Comfortable spinning and grabbing on all size jumps (180’s, 360’s, 540’s, 720’s, etc…)
If in questioning your ability placement you find yourself in the middle of 2 categories, ATP encourages you to compete in the higher category and try to push yourself to a new level.

The Shred for the Cup series also offers Ski and Snowboard categories for Women who want to get out and ride.
The Cup:
In addition to each individual event winners, points will be tallied throughout the events to decide the entire series winners in each category. The series winners in each division will receive the coveted “Cup”, not to mention bragging rights for the next season!