Fresh Friday 4 Recap

ATP’s signature Fresh Friday series wrapped up last Friday, March 4. Although the weather was uncertain the day of the event, all rain and fog held off and let riders shred the completely new park setup in Appaljack.

Around 50 skiers and snowboarders showed up to session a sick new jump line featuring shapely takeoffs, as well as our new wooden wallride, the new doghouse feature setup to be hit a multitude of ways, and some stock flat rails and boxes to round the park out and appeal to all levels of riders.

This was the first Fresh Friday in two seasons that showcased some jump featuers, and it was amazing to see how much everyone has progressed in the air. Huge spins with grabs, corks, switch takeoffs, and more were the norm for everyone – it was definitely amazing to watch.

Thanks to the Scion Snow Tour for supporting this last Fresh Friday and bringing in Signal Athletes/guest judges Kyle Earl & Brendan Hayes.

After the hour long jam session on all the new features, the Scion judges awarded tons of prizes to standouts from the session, including a brand new Signal Snowboard, a Signal Outerwear package, and other goods from Woodward at Copper, Analog, Neff, Canvassed, Drop, 686,and more.

Fresh Friday 4 Final Results:
Standout Board – Kris Jones

Standout Ski – Berkley Wilcox

Standout Grom – Julien Passajou

Best trick ski – Ross Rowan

Best Trick board – Alec Simpson

Thanks to all the riders who made it out, don’t miss the Recess Wreckless Rail Jam coming up this Sunday, March 13, followed by our last Ladies Park Night Friday March 18, and our Shred for the Cup finals Saturday, Marchh 19. Its going to be a busy couple of weeks!