Fresh Friday Recap

Another awesome Fresh Friday is in the books for this most interesting 11-12 season. With winter barely gracing us with its presence, the ATP crew took full advantage of the 2 solid nights of snowmaking to setup all 3 parks with as many fun features as possible.

Appaljack was stocked with 9 different rail/box/bonk options for this Fresh Friday, including the requested double barrel lift tower, the newly re-designed Shark Fin Box, a new propane tank jib, and the new mailbox which has a choice of several takeoff and landing options. In addition to these new features, some old favorites were in the mix as well including: 20′ OG Rail, 24′ Flat Box, 20′ C-Box, Down Flat Lift Tower, and the 30′ Down Flat Down Rail.

Over 60 riders came out for the event, making the hardest part keeping track of every single feature which were all getting hit practically non-stop. After the hour long jam session in the park, the snowboarders started shifting their focus to the K2 Pop This! High Ollie contest. This event, now in its ssecond season at ATP, is one of the most fun to watch and participate in. Last year’s winners were hungry to claim the title again, but some new faces stepped it up as well, and in the end, Dylan Easter ended up edging both Adam Abernathy (2nd Place last yr) and Andrew Sanchez (1st Place last yr) for the win. Huge thanks to K2 Snowboards for bringing the fun, we hope everyone had a great session!

Fresh Friday 2 / K2 Pop This! Final Results

Standout Ski: Tanner Sinclair

Standout Snowboard: Bret Kline

Charger Award: Shawn Mitchell

K2 Pop This! First Place Grom: Jacob Ellison

K2 Pop This! Men’s High Ollie Results:
1 – Dylan Easter
T2 – Adam Abernathy & Andrew Sanchez