Meltdown Games Recap

And that does it for another amazing season at ATP. This winter was definitely one to remember, all the cold weather and snowfall had people wondering if spring would ever come, and then the warm temps came quick and turned winter straight to summer.

The weather ended up being perfect to host our Games April 10th and 11th – a full 10 days later than ever before in ASMs 48 year history. The crew worked through the massive amount of melt that happens when you get temperatures in the 80s for days on end, and still had the Appal Jam and Appaljack Terrain Parks up and running.

Check the full results below, and look for an edit of the weekend coming soon. Hope everyone has a great summer, see you next season!

Meltdown Games Final Results:

The Impossible Box Contest:
-12 and Under Best Grind (Snowboard) – Reilly Tardiff
-13 and Over Best Grind (Ski) – Cameron Sinclair
-13 and Over Best Grind (Snowboard) – Clay West

Cardboard Box Derby:
-Most Original Box Design – Will Ambler & Wiley Speckmann
-Fastest Box – Jake Harkey

Big Air:
-Intermediate Ski 1st – Mack Dickson
-Intermediate Ski 2nd – Canyon Mueller
-Intermediate Ski 3rd – Patrick ONeal

-Intermediate Snowboard 1st – Bret Kline
-Intermediate Snowboard 2nd – Chris Turbedsky
-Intermediate Snowboard 3rd – Matt Beebe

-Advanced Ski 1st – Charlie Owens
-Advanced Ski 2nd – Berkley Wilcox
-Advanced Ski 3rd – Audie Bartlett

-Advanced Snowboard 1st – Sumner Patterson
-Advanced Snowboard 2nd – Greg Anderson
-Advanced Snowboard 3rd – Allyn Wilson

Trash Bag Downhill:
-12 and Under Fastest Finish – Reilly Tardiff
-13 and Over Fastest Finish – Bill Aceto

High Ollie:
-12 and Under 1st – Reilly Tardiff
-12 and Under 2nd – Gus Gordon
-12 and Under 3rd – Julien Passajou

-13 and Over 1st – JP Pardy
-13 and Over 2nd – Adam Abernathy
-13 and Over 3rd – Cam Smith

Chinese Downhill
-12 and Under Fastest Finish – Will Ambler
-13 and Over Fastest Finish – Jake Harkey