Red Bull ThingamaJIB Update

ATP is preparing for one of the most unique, fun, creative, and elaborate park setups in our history for the Red Bull ThingamaJIB, coming up this Saturday, January 28!

We hope everyone has their rail tricks dialed in for this one, and to top it all off Red Bull is giving away a $1,400 cash purse for this event – sick!

Weather conditions look somewhat off-and-on during this week, but a great weekend forecast, projecting partly cloudy skies and near normal temperatures for the event day.

The Categories included in the event are: Open Snowboard, Open Ski, and a Women’s Division. These three divisions will be judged separately, but will be all grouped together then divided into two groups that will each have a 45 minute jam session on the entire course. 10 Snowboarders and 10 Skiers will be chosen from the jam sessions to advance to a finals round, which will be a 30 minute jam on ATP’s centerpiece setup for the event.

Cash prizes will be awarded for both Open Snowboard and Open Ski divisions: $400 for 1st Place, $200 for 2nd Place, and $100 for 3rd Place.

Make plans to be here Saturday for this truly unique session with our friends at Red Bull.

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