SFTC Big Air Recap

ATP’s first event of the 2011 Shred for the Cup Series is in the books, and what a way to get it all started. Under the lights, skiers and snowboarders alike took their riding to another level for the Big Air, making history here at App Terrain Park.

The setup consisted of 3 distinct jump options appealing to all level of riders. Luckily – the ever-present fog that lingered throughout the day quickly cleared off late afternoon, leaving the sun going down behind a blue sky right before warm-ups. With the rain that came prior to event day, the snow was very soft and worn out in the Appal Jam Terrain Park by 5:00. The crew decided the best plan of attack to get the jumps in prime condition was to close the slope for a quick minute and groom out all inruns, which had gotten thrased by the heavy Saturday traffic.

Registration went down from 4 to 6 while the ATP crew put the finishing touches on takeoff shapes, landings, inruns, and event infrastructure. Over 75 Riders signed up, recieved their bib numbers, and were hooked up with some sick Shred for the Cup Shirts designed by ATP crew member Joseph Toney & printed by Canvassed Apparrel. Looking fresh to say the least.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Women riders warmed up immediately after registration on the newly constructed setup, while the official Shred for the Cup DJ – Mr. Jamie Overcash, got the tunes flowing. Thanks to Jamie for keeping the vibe going all night long for everyone!

The event kicked off right at 7pm., with all Beginner, Intermediate, and Women riders getting 2 runs on the setup, with the best of these two counting as their final score. ATP, as always, designed the jumps for all categories with progression in mind, and these riders delivered. Solid spins over the somewhat lofty intermediate jump, partnered with stomped landings and clean tricks over the beginner takeoff were the reg Saturday night.

Huge thanks goes out to Spy Optics who kept all the riders full with fresh Hot Dogs on the grill. In addition, Spy ran lots of giveaways throughout the event – goggles, beanies, hoodies, and more were up for grabs all night long. Not to mention the spy tent was the perfect spot to watch the advanced riders get at it – which they certainly did.

Advanced riders reported to the top of Appal Jam to warm up immediately after the last intermediate rider dropped. The final shape for the Advanced jump was completed just hours before the event – so no one had tested the takeoff prior to advanced warm-ups. The ATP crew could already tell the shape of the lip matched the landing well – with a distance of roughly 40 feet to good landing. As soon as the first riders started lapping the booter – everyone could see things were going to get heated! The jump was on point to say the least – sending riders who carried enough speed perfectly to the sweet spot with plenty of loft for countless tricks.

The action was non-stop during the 3 runs for the advanced riders – it is apparent that everyone is progressing their jump game more than ever before this season. ATP even saw some attempts at double flips from the snowboarders! The jump was larger than some big air jumps in years past – but not quite double status.

For the snowboarders – it was clear Kris Jones was in the zone from the start, stomping a lofty cab 5 first run, and a perfect 7 landed so clean 2nd run. Zane Yates was right behind Kris, with a solid back rodeo, and TJ Kern rounded out 3rd place, tossing a front 5.

The skiers competition was just as intense as the snowboarders. From the first run on, Ross Rowan was on his game, and stomped a silky smooth cork 7 grab first run, and wound up a stylie switch 7 grab on his second. Barrett Williams was right behind Ross with a rodeo 7 japan, and Tanner Sinclair finished the podium out in 3rd with a nice cork 9.

Ross Rowan kept it clean and consistent all night long

Awards were given out on the hill following all the action, shout out to Recess Ride Shop for organizing all prizes as always, and a huge thanks goes out to all the event sponsors for hooking all winners up with lots of goods: Spy Optics, Burton, Salomon, Spyder, Skullcandy, Dakine, Drop, Neff, 686, DC, Canvassed Apparrel, and Screamer.

What an amazing start to the series this year! The second event of ATP’s Shred for the Cup series is coming up February 27th, mark your calendars for the always proper Rail Jam!

Shred for the Cup Big Air Final Results

Mens Advanced Snowboard 
1 Kris Jones
2 Zane Yates
3 TJ Kern
4 Alec Simpson
5 Bryan Morris
6 Matthew Sutton
7 Brody Essick
8 Rich Bowen
9 Shawn Mitchell
10 Jason Hanson
11 Matt Wimberley
Mens Advanced Ski 
1 Ross Rowan
2 Barrett Williams
3 Tanner Sinclair
4 Clay England
5 Tanner Pardue
6 Cameron Sinclair
7 Mack Dickson
8 Berkley Wilcox
Mens Intermediate Snowboard 
1 Thomas Graham
2 Clay West
3 Jeremy Wright
4 Brett Kline
5 Duncan Nielander
6 Dillon Fitzgerald
7 Andrew Weber
8 Sean O’Loughlin
9 Reilly Tardiff
10 Chas Brenson
11 Nick Murphy
12 Bryson Harshaw
13 Jonathan Hedrick
14 Michael Carswell
15 Nick Messina
16 Garret Okun
17 Brandon Essick
Mens Intermediate Ski 
1 Adam Hitchcock
2 Carson Issacs
3 Jacob Gainey
4 Kellen Baker
5 Thomas Cline
6 David Stanley
7 Drew Bolick
8 Brayden Geltz
9 Jason Wise
10 Tyler McCullough
11 Will King
Womens Snowboard 
1 Carmen Schatte
2 Amber Hart
3 Emma Balbier
Womens Ski 
1 Chelsea Zacher
Mens Beginner Snowboard 
1 Zeb Powell
2 Jeff Gainey
3 Brad Ledford
4 Cam McClean
5 Luke Rodson
6 Zack Cole
7 Logan Anderson
8 Austin Shepard
9 Austin Connick
10 Gannon Fitzgerald
11 Jackson Roeder
12 Seth Sloan
13 Cray Colett
14 Felix Chamiele
15 Corbin Coffey
16 Eze Oruez
17 Jacob Ellison
Mens Beginner Ski 
1 Jack Greene
2 Jacob Leyshon
3 Clay Burchell
4 Austin Graham
5 Drew Baker
6 Allan Graham
7 Brendan Lindgren
8 Tanner Whiteford
9 Lee Collett