SFTC Rail Jam Recap

This recap comes to you courtesy of SoutheastSnow.

The 2nd event in the Shred for the Cup Series is over! Almost 100 riders made it out in the lingering clouds and rainy weather. But that did not keep them from absolutely tearing the course apart. The SFTC Rail Jam is always one of the most exciting events to watch at ATP and this event was not one to disappoint.

Volcom was on hand giving out all kinds of cool stuff. Whether it was stickers, hats, or high fives, they were sure that everybody was having a good time. The Electric Visual crew was manning the grill making sure all riders and spectators had plenty of Hot-Dogs to eat. The Red Bull girls were making sure nobody went thirsty while official Shred for the Cup DJ, Mr. Jamie Overcash was keeping the vibe tight, blasting the tunes all day long!

A short lightning delay pushed the comp back a bit but that didn’t keep the crowds nor the riders from comin’ back out. The ATP crew has been working extremely hard, battling through the warm weather and the rain to bring some great rail lines of late. A super smooth setup was built for the event that included the dub down OG, up rail, and flat box on the 1st tier and a down flat lift tower, down shotgun rail, and a juice box combo on the 2nd tier. A great setup that included hits for all levels of riding.

Registration ended around 12 and riders were already warming up on the course. The Beginner Ski, Snowboard, and Women’s division went first and absolutely charged the course. It was an all out race to get that first drop. Immediately after the Intermediate Skiers and Snowboarders dropped. There were some lofty tricks being thrown by the Intermediate division and I can guarantee we will be seeing some of these riders in the Advanced category very soon!

The course was on point no doubt, and featured something for everyone…

Following the Intermediate riders, the Advanced riders were given a short warm up. This is where the show begins! It was clear that riders were prepared to throw down! We saw just about every trick in the book. With disasters on the dub down, switch spins on the down rails, and even a few front flips taboot! If someone wants to question the rail riding going down in the SouthEast they better reevaluate themselves!

For the snowboarders it was like a snap shot of podiums of old. In 3rd place was Andrew Sanchez putting down some super clean back lips and front boards on the dub down, down flat, and shotgun rail. In 2nd place was Austin Leonard pressing everything out, throwing some dirty spins on the down rails. And to no surprise, in 1st place was Kris Jones absolutely killing the course. Effortlessly throwing some huge disasters and switch ups on the double down with some clean switch 2 7’s on the down rails.

For the skiers it was absolute banger after banger. In 3rd place was Tanner Sinclair spinning onto everything while 2nd place Ross “the Boss” Rowan was making some super clean runs throwing a huge disaster 450 on the dub down. Berkley Wilcox pulled in 1st place with his smooth style wowing the crowd with a front flip off the flat box and up box.

The SFTC Rail Jam is always such a hard event to judge and the podium could have swung either way. The awards began shortly after directly on the snow and Recess Rideshop was there to hook all the winners up as always! One of the more excited prizes was for Intermediate and Advanced top snowboarders, a limited edition Volcom snowboard! A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors: Electric Visual, Volcom, Recess Rideshop, K2, SkullCandy

The 2nd event of the Shred for the Cup series is over and we couldn’t be more excited here at ATP. The 3rd event in the series is coming up on March 19th and this is where riders will need to give it their all. It is the Final event in the series and the overall winner will be crowned. So come on out for the always epic Slopestyle event! Stay tuned for Shred current points standings to see who is in contention for winning the Cup in each division!

Mens Beginner Snowboard
1 Chase Cornelius
2 Brandon Essick
3 Dixon Ohair
4 Zach Cole
5 Logan Meyer
6 Zeb Powell
7 Austin Connick
8 Eze Gruez
8 Jacob Ellison
8 Bo Todd
8 Cam McLean
9 Logan Anderson
9 Gannon Fitzgerald
9 Brad Harrill
9 Jack Wierback
9 Chase Fullington

Mens Beginner Ski
1 Chelsea Zacher (female)
2 Austin Graham
3 Allan Graham
4 Jacob Leyshon
5 Arik Porter
5 Kevil Kapral
5 Nick Stanbury
6 Clay Burchell

Mens Intermediate Snowboard
1 Thomas Graham
2 Reilly Tardiff
3 Julien Passajou
4 Clay West
5 Brett Cline
6 Sean Oloughlin
7 Brody Essick
8 Dylan Fitzgerald
9 Luke Winkelmen
10 Charlie Wilcox
11 Garret Okun
12 Evan Fitzgerald
13 Galen White
14 Andy Weber
15 Tate Sandman
16 Jonathan Hendrick
17 Jeffery Gainey
18 Jonathan Froble
19 Erik Millet
19 Tanner Johnson
19 Grayson Moody
19 Nick Murphy

Mens Intermediate Ski
1 Canyon Mueller
2 Carson Issacs
3 Jacob Gainey
4 Thomas Cline
5 Kellan Baker
6 Forrest Barlett
7 Jesse Wise
8 Tyler McCullough
9 Elliot Hitchcock
10 Adam Hitchcock
11 Zach Morgan
12 David Stanley
13 Kevin Church

Womens Snowboard
1 Molly Clay
2 Courtney kazral
3 Carmin Schatte
4 Beth Cherveny
5 Skyler Hicks
6 Emma Baller
7 Isabella Wierback

Mens Advanced Snowboard
1 Kris Jones
2 Austin Leonard
3 Andrew Sanchez
4 Greg Anderson
5 Mark Kelsic
6 TJ Kern
7 Gus Gordan
8 Jason Hanson
9 Jeremy Wright
10 Evan Williams
11 Matt Sutton

Mens Advanced Ski
1 Berkly Wilcox
2 Ross Rowan
3 Tanner Sinclair
4 Cameron Sinclair
5 Barrett Williams
6 Tanner Pardue
7 Brock Pennell