SFTC Rail Jam Recap / Results

On Saturday, January 5, App Terrain Park kicked off the 7th annual Shred for the Cup Series under clear blue skies and cool temps. Nice weather and snow conditions are more of an exception than a rule for event days it seems, so the great conditions helped boost stoke even more as shredders got started warming up around 11am.

The ATP crew worked hard throughout the night to offer up one of the most creative Rail Jam setups seen at a SFTC event. The setup consisted of a 20’ flat lift tower, a 21’ Down Flat Lift Tower, and a special Never Summer combo box that was a flat box, creeper box, and A-Frame box all in one with tons of possibilities. Last but not least, a special advanced feature was put together – highlighting the closeout rail alongside ATP’s new wallride offering a variety of gap, landing, and additional trick options.

Right around 60 competitors came through for the event and made short work of the course in front of them; wasting no time stepping up to every rail, takeoff option, and combination thereof. It must have been the smell of fresh hot dogs on the grill or the copious Red Bull for competitors that inspired the riding from the start. Needless to say it was exciting to watch, and looked like even more fun to be a part of.

Riders Meeting – Photos by Luke Sutton

The competition was underway right around Noon, with 3 Jam Sessions offered for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Riders. The sessions lasted around 20-25 minutes each, with a 30 minute session given for the Advanced Riders to really push themselves. Skiers & snowboarders dropped together, and everyone seemed to be feeding off the others energy – with such a varied course, it also was a great display of all the riders’ adaptability. Big spins on and off the Down Flat Rail, Gaps over the closeout to the wallride, and too many tech tricks and combos to name on the NS Box feature were a normal sight in all divisions. In the end, Austin Leonard took home the win for Snowboarders, and Kellen Baker locked it down on the ski side.

Tons of Trick Options on the Never Summer Combo Box

Berkley Wilcox keeping it smooth on the Down-Flat Lift Tower

The Closeout/Wall feature went off for Advanced!

Thanks to all the sponsors that made this event possible! Nordica/Never Summer, Neff, Scott, Full Tilt, Alpine Ski Shop, STZ, Skullcandy, Coal, Foursquare, Burton, Anon, Dakine, and DC.

The second event in the Shred for the Cup Series is the Big Air, and is scheduled for Sunday, January 27. Colder weather is forecasted towards the end of January, so look for ATP to capitalize on any snowmaking opportunity in order to construct the best jumps possible. See you there!

Mens Advanced Ski

Mens Advanced Snowboard

Shred for the Cup Rail Jam Final Results

Mens Advanced Snowboard
1 Austin Leonard 300
2 Julien Passajou 280
3 Kris Jones 260
4 TJ Kern 240
5 Reilly Tardiff 220
6 Ryan Finder 200
6 Gus Gordon 200
6 Bo Pollard 200
6 Andrew Sanchez 200
6 Clay West 200
6 Evan Williams 200
6 Luke Winkelmann 200
6 Zane Yates 200

Mens Advanced Ski
1 Kellan Baker 300
2 Berkley Wilcox 280
3 Canyon Mueller 260
4 Joseph Toney 240
5 Tanner Sinclair 220
6 Carson Isaacs 200
6 Tyler McCullough 200
6 Tanner Pardue 200
6 Cameron Sinclair 200

Mens Intermediate Snowboard
1 Zeb Powell 300
2 Duncan Nielander 280
3 Parker Dacchille 260
4 Cam McLean 240
5 Jacob Ellison 220
6 Hunter Allen 200
6 Brock Denney 200
6 Jack Greene 200
6 Lee Jarson 200
6 Derek Mars 200
6 Sean O’Loughlin 200

Mens Intermediate Ski
1 Jack Greene 300
2 David Stanley 280
3 Drew Baker 260
4 Austin Graham 240
5 Zach Styron 220
6 Tanner Cindric 200
6 Alan Graham 200
6 Thomas Miller 200
6 Jesse Wise 200
6 Kevin Young 200

Womens Snowboard
1 Emma Balbier 300
2 Amber Hart 280

Mens Beginner Snowboard
1 Josh Herman 300
2 Chase Cornelius 280
3 Graham Browning 260
4 Willis Ellis 240
5 Zack Cole 220
6 Andrew Cole 200
6 Brandon Tetter 200
6 Cass Turley 200
6 Eric Vest 200

Mens Beginner Ski
1 Taylor Moser 300